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Mannach will open up their Health and Wellness Business in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus in a near future.

It is possible for people who live in those country’s to pre-register already now and we will have pre-launch meetings in some places there you and someone you know can go and listen on the information about Mannatech and their Business Opportunity.

The Pre-registration is without any cost and without any demands and requirements. Pre-registration give you the advantage to build up a down-line group to the day when the market open up in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus.

So you who live in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus or have family members or relatives or friends who live in any of these countries, and are interested in Health and Wellness, and want to have a own business that makes it able for you to get access to great products and the opportunity to earn a good income.

But everything is up to you and what dreams and goals you have in your life. I only want to give you the Opportunity to become a Mannatech Associate and then be a part of my Business Team. I will do everything I can for that you should succeed in this business and get a great life with possibilities to do whatever you want.

Do you want to get access to this business opportunity? Please send me an email so we can arrange for more information and instructions to you.

My email address:      or 

But first of all will I suggest that you study the information down below and I also suggest that you even go in on the other links on the web site, the top link Mannatech Business it is information in English but you also have really good videos there that you can look at. I hope you will found all this interesting and I am looking forward some feedback from you.



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28.01 | 09:57

Hej Carl,
Jag är intresserad att köpa några produkter, däribland Ūth Rejuvenation Crème, kan jag köpa av dig?

09.11 | 13:01

Hello, I would like to know more about your business. Pls send me the details n the contact at

01.08 | 03:52

Hej Carl!
Skulle oxå vilja veta hur jag beställer.

16.03 | 20:53

Buenas tardes, me han hecho cargo a mi tarjeta el 14-2-15 de 99 € sin haber confirmado ningun pedido y peor aun sin haber recibido nada- Espero respuesta

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