A Strong Foundation to Build On

Mannatech Science— A Strong Foundation to Build On


We all know daily proper nutrition is ideal for a healthy body. But whether our diets fail us nutritionally or we fail ourselves (with fast foods and frozen dinners), often the “nutrient void” in our diets must be filled. Mannatech knows the best way to fill this gap is through natural, food-sourced complexes that are scientifically based and formulated for optimal results.


This relationship between science and nature is what we call Real Food Technology® solutions—it’s our method of providing you with standardized levels of natural and plant-sourced nutrients from food-based sources at nutritionally effective levels. Not coal tar, petroleum or rocks, which are all common derivatives you’ll find in synthetic supplements.


Plant-based, natural goodness is the basis of Mannatech’s Real [4] for Life SM supplements—a daily wellness regimen that works collectively to improve your overall wellness! These four powerful products include: Ambrotose® products for cellular health, PhytoMatrix® caplets to nourish your body with vitamins and minerals, our Ambrotose AO® antioxidant for protection against free radicals and PLUS™ capsules to balance your endocrine system.



Ambrotose Is Real     

Research has shown that
glyconutrients or polysaccharides , like those found in Ambrotose, can help support the body on a cellular level. 1 Your cells need these saccharides or special sugars to communicate properly and function at their best. Ambrotose products promote strong immune and digestive systems and help improve recall, recognition and memory.*

Steve Nugenthas a vast amount of training and experience, formerly as president of the Naturopathic Medical Association, and now as Mannatech’s Senior Wellness Director

With extensive background as a researcher and naturopathic practitioner, he is internationally respected, and has conducted educational seminars for thousands of health professionals around the globe for more than two decades.

PhytoMatrix Is Real      

PhytoMatrix caplets contain
real food-sourced vitamins and phytonutrients from tropical acerola cherries, broccoli, grape pomace and aloe vera, as well as concentrated, plant-sourced minerals derived from hydroponically grown Indian mustard sprouts. This unique, plant-based technology ensures that PhytoMatrix is
recognized by your body, so that it may be more easily absorbed and digested.

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Hej Carl,
Jag är intresserad att köpa några produkter, däribland Ūth Rejuvenation Crème, kan jag köpa av dig?

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Hello, I would like to know more about your business. Pls send me the details n the contact at cheer1789@gmail.com

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Hej Carl!
Skulle oxå vilja veta hur jag beställer.

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Buenas tardes, me han hecho cargo a mi tarjeta el 14-2-15 de 99 € sin haber confirmado ningun pedido y peor aun sin haber recibido nada- Espero respuesta

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