Do you want to begin living life to the fullest?  

Reduce stress, gain energy and feel and look your best?  

Give your body what it needs.  Give it Mannatech.


But first of all will I suggest that you study the information down below and I also suggest that you even look at the videos they are really good. I hope you will found all this interesting and I am looking forward some feedback from you.


Why dietary supplements ?


Because of today's dietary challenges, even doctors agree that supplements are crucial.


Nutrients in Our Diets

The primary fuel for our bodies comes from nutrients in the food we eat—without them, a high quality of life stays beyond our reach. Sadly, in today’s hectic lifestyles, only 11% of Americans meet USDA guidelines for fruit and vegetable intake. Even when we try to eat right, we find that today’s fresh produce may contain far fewer nutrients than the produce of our grandparents’ days. Modern farming techniques have shifted the focus from quality to quantity. Some scientific research indicates that you’d have to eat almost 10 oranges to get the same level of vitamin A that your grandparents got from one orange. Two peaches in 1951 supplied the RDA of vitamin A for adult women. Today, a study suggests that would take 53 peaches!  It’s no wonder that some of us may no longer understand what “feeling great” really means. Mannatech delivers the gift of hope for a better quality of life.


The Science of Wellness

Given life's difficulties-including stress, pollutants,  today's fast food diets and the fact that the world just moves a little faster these days, it's easy to see why Mannatech has been championing revolutionary discoveries designed to help you stay healthy since 1994.

Working on the cutting edge of the rapidly emerging field of nutritional science with technologies that can't be found in any common health food stores, Mannatech constantly strives to create wellness solutions to help meet your health needs using our Intelligent Supplementation philosophy.

From one of the first-ever glyconutritional supplements, the Ambrotose complex, to our nourishing multivitamin PhytoMatrix caplets, this universal, whole-body approach to wellness means we search the world to find the best ingredients and formulate products with important nutrients-including key components in aloe vera. It's how we help ensure that your body gets what it needs to help maintain optimal health!


Quality Compliance

Having quality products is the keystone of a quality company.

That's why we take every measure necessary to ensure our products meet the gold standard of quality for our industry.

Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)




Are You Living Life on Your Own Terms?

Think about it.

How much of your time belongs to someone else?  Driving to and from the work. Sitting at a desk or standing behind a counter. Watching and waiting for the workday to end.

Or do you have time to spare and need a purpose?

True quality of life is within your reach.

Take control and find the freedom you need with your own Mannatech business.


What Can You Do with Mannatech?

The products are not available in stores, which helps give you a market advantage.

A low start-up cost sets you up for potential long-term earnings.

Running your own business can give you benefits.

Build Relationships and Your Own Business

Network with other success-driven people like yourself

Turn socializing into a profitable way to build your business

Have more free time to spend with friends and family

Grow with Your Business

Be in business for yourself but never by yourself with our support system and dynamic Associate leadership

Use success-proven tools and training materials from Mannatech

Turn the quality of life you want into the quality of life you have.

Meet people just like you who found freedom and success with Mannatech.

Why Wellness?

Because of today's dietary trends, 79% of U.S. physicians recommend supplements to their patients.

Network Marketing Works for Us and You

We don't sell our products in stores. They're available only through our network of independent Associates.

We chose network marketing for a number of reasons:

·     Our Associates can run their own businesses with very low overhead.

·     Provides opportunity to build relationships and educate consumers personally. 

·     We can put more capital toward product research and development.

·     We are able to develop better products through Associate and consumer feedback.

And better products can help improve the lives of Mannatech product consumers and its Associates.

True quality of life is within your reach! Do you want to Become a Mannatech Associate or are you interested to use the products as a consumer?  


Real Possibilities SM

Do you dream about living the life you've always wanted?

Do you love helping others achieve their dreams?

Are you happiest when you have the support of trusted friends and family?

Mannatech's passionate network of people is at the heart of what we do best, which is cultivating lasting relationships through our health and wellness products and, ultimately, helping change lives. And our award-winning compensation plan can help you fund your own wellness program, So you can have the life you've always dreamed of.

Our dynamic business opportunity gives you the real possibilities of:

·     Funding your family wellness program

·     Helping to deliver Real Food TechnologySM solutions to needy children around the world

·     Achieving real freedom

·     Becoming self-reliant and pursuing your dreams

·     Enjoying more time with your loved ones



Real Passion SM

Do you have a passion for helping others?

Would you like to be part of a caring network eager to share wellness with others?

Do you truly want to make a difference in the world?

Although Mannatech's network of committed Associates extends across the globe and different walks of life, our people have one abiding, shared passion: the belief that Mannatech technology provides hope that radically changes lives.

The heart of Mannatech is our Associates. Made up of caring individuals like you who are passionate about sharing wellness with others.

They truly know what it means to live a life of significance. 



Real Products SM

Would you like the assurance of knowing you're getting complete, real nutrients?

Wouldn't you like to trust the science behind the products you use?

Do you want to feel good about what you put into your body?

A huge part of the relationship we cultivate with our Associates is the trust they have in the science behind our products, like Real Food TechnologySM solutions. We pioneered this concept of combining cutting-edge science with food-sourced ingredients to create the most nutritionally beneficial products for the human body.

We have developed a core plan: Real [4] for Life.

[1] Ambrotose® Cell-to-Cell Communication for Overall Health

Our Ambrotose complex, Mannatech's first Real Food Technology solution, is a pioneering blend of several plant polysaccharides and gums that revolutionized the dietary supplement industry.

First introduced in 1996 following extensive, breakthrough research on aloe vera, the technology supporting Ambrotose complex has received more than 45 global patents and was designed to provide your body the

support it needs for proper cell-to-cell communication.


[2] PhytoMatrix®  — Nourish Your Body with Vitamins and Minerals

Unique, naturally sourced vitamin complexes with plant-sourced minerals harvested using a patented hydroponic process.

[3] Ambrotose AO®   — Protect Your Body from Free Radicals

A powerful antioxidant clinically proven through serum ORAC testing to provide 200% more protection than five servings of fruits and vegetables.

[4] PLUS™   Balance Your Endocrine Health

Designed to help support the endocrine system and support breast, bone, heart, colon and prostate health, utilizing key ingredients like wild yam root.





Mannatech are today established in:

U.S., Canada, UK, South Africa, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Republic of Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Czech Republic, Estonia, Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Republic of Ireland, Singapore, Namibia, Hong Kong and Spain.



Please send us an e-mail and we will come back to you as soon as it is possible with more Individual information for you.

E-mail:     or 

Wegu Global Health

Sincerely, Carl

You can also make an inquiry or a comment here below in the text box, Thanks! 

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